Amino acids

The action of the amino acids on the vegetable organism always has centred on its action to help to be overcome by situations of stress and situations of great metabolic activity as those who produce to themselves in the phases of germination, flowering, fructification, etc
Verified answers of the vegetables exist to the application of amino acids. The answers of the vegetables do not derive only from the nutritional load that they contribute but they involve the existence of an action collaborator in the regulation of the metabolism and of the growth.
Stimulation of the flowering. Improvement of the minced meat with fruit and herbs. Better relation of sugar and acidity in the plant (degrees Brix).
Precociousness. It improves in the size and the coloration (ripeness) of the fruit. It increases the absorption of nutrients.
It favors the production of phyto-hormmones. Improvement of the properties of the soil.
It stimulates the resistance and overcoming of the plants before situations of stress.