AZOTORGAN is an organic fertilizer, which one presents in liquid form. It is possible to use in all the cultures. And it is specially indicated in the phases of major vegetative development of the plants, such as the most important springs and of summer germinations, and in moments of maximum needs of nutrients as flowering, become set of the fruit and put on weight of the same one.
It contributes a rapid source of Nitrogen in several forms, in order that it has an immediate action, and simultaneously, prolonged in the time. It is composed by organic materials and such constituent vegetables as amino acids, proteins, lipids, organic diverse acids, enzymes, bases, nucleic acids, chlorophyll, lignine, quinonrs, waxes, sugars, hormones, organic resultant substances of the metabolic processes of yeasts and microorganisms, etc., as well as for mineral nutrients and inorganic soluble substances in which they predominate over the ions K, Ca, Mg and SO4.
It contains fulvic acids, lightly acids, stablly in the whole band of pH, of low molecular weight, of easy assimilation and is an excellent complexing agent.
It is completely biodegradable, the nature separates into its elements, his compounds route microbiological processes and takes advantage of his minerals.